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Max Raptor - PortraitsMax Raptor – Portraits

The style the Max Raptor have is that of a heavy punk nature; at times it’s not that heavy it’s just normal but there are a fair few points where it gets extremely heavy kind of like that of the Gallows but not constantly heavy.

One thing is definite; this album is an addictive way to spend half an hour of your life. You will find not just your head following the beat but also your shoulders when it makes you dance along to the string of strong funky beats and endless stream of quick strumming.

The heavier tracks include my favourite “The King is Dead”, “Obey the Whips” and “Beasts” and the main reason they are so heavy is the drum beats are really powerful and the guitar work matches the power with some speed making these song songs streams of speed and power.

Some of the songs on the album take the hyperactivity down a couple pegs to make quite peaceful songs but even they aren’t completely without the power that the others have; songs like “Patron Saints (of Nothing)”, “The Great and the Good” and “The Alarm” and even though they are not quite as crazy and intense as the other songs they are all still upbeat and have a flowing groove.

So the album on the whole is just a complete success, top quality effort from the Midlands based lads makes me proud to be from the same area! Before hearing this album I did see posters advertising them playing in Birmingham and just didn’t even think twice about going, but after hearing the range of material and the quality of it then I may need to consider it!


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

JB Willcox
Matt Stevenson
Wil Ray
Tom Garrett
 Track Listing
1. The King is Dead
2. The Great and the Good
3. Beasts
4. Obey the Whips
5. Carolina
6. Patron Saint (Of Nothing)
7. Ghosts
8. The Alarm
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