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Paradise Lost - Draconian Times (Re-release)Paradise Lost – Draconian Times (Re-release)

Paradise Lost are a British band from Halifax in Yorkshire and have been storming the Doom and Goth metal scene since 1988. After its original release 16 years ago the band has decided to re-release Draconian Times as a “Legacy Edition” which includes 2 disks; on disk one there is the 12 tracks along with 2 demos and 5 live tracks from Germany then disk 2 contains the 12 tracks in 5.1 surround sound and 3 videos.

Now when I first heard of Paradise lost and the genre “Doom Metal” I stayed well clear because I did not know what that entailed and didn’t like the sound of it; however as it turns out they were only a doom metal band for their first few releases 1990’s “Lost Paradise”, 1991’s “Gothic” and then last seen on 1992’s “Shades of God”. They then transitioned to a more Goth metal sound with clean vocals for “Icon” and then “Draconian Times”.

The sound that I’m hearing on this album is that of a mellow but sinister nature purely in the music not the vocals, dark and eerie in a way but in another way just pure heavy metal. The vocals on the album sound quite influenced by James Hetfield of Metallica with the way in which they are a bit gritty and the way he sings certain words. That doesn’t matter it makes for a very good sound, the way the put things together with all the different tones happening at the same time gives it a certain atmosphere that makes them stand out.

First track “Enchanted” is very mellow but dark and it changes pace and tones throughout the song keeping it interesting which is followed by “Hallowed Ground” which is more of the same but with a bit more of an eerie edge to it.

Now “Once Solemn” is a very fast paced and upbeat song that’s plain heavy, it’s great! There are other songs like this like “The Last Time” and “Shadow Kings” they aren’t as upbeat but they’re leaning towards this style.

Then there’s the 2 demo tracks “Enchanted*” and “Last Desire*” which show 2 tracks at the bare bones before they went through the process of being on the album (“Last Desire” didn’t make the cut but you still get to see what was considered) which is nice to hear. The 4 live tracks from Germany in 1995 are also an added bonus to see how the band’s material sounds live – which in this case is extremely well.

After a few listens to the whole thing, this reissue has everything you could possibly want. Better sounding tunes, demos and live tracks; it is also clear why they chose to reissue this album, because it has some of the best tracks from their entire career on it. I would recommend anyone to listen to this album as it has an element in the music for many different types of music lover.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Nick Holmes
Gregor Mackintosh
Aaron Aedy
Steve Edmondson
Adrian Erlandsson
 Track Listing
1. Enchantment
2. Hallowed Land
3. The Last Time
4. Forever Failure
5. Once Solemn
6. Shadow Kings
7. Elusive Cure
8. Yearn for Change
9. Shades of God
10. Hands of Reason
11. I See Your Face
12. Jaded
13. Enchantment*
14. Last Desire*
15. Forever Failure**
16. Shadow Kings**
17. Once Solemn**
18. Hallowed Land**
19. The Last Time**
**Live in Germany 1995 * Demo from 1994
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