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The King Blues - Set The World On FireThe King Blues – Set The World On Fire

The Kings Blues are one hell of an energetic ska, punk, reggae band who have gone from strength to strength over the past couple of years and have not let the bad moments such as the various line up changes effect the overall sound and feel of the band, over the past couple of months things have been quiet on the whole King Blues front but that is because they have been busy working on their forthcoming album ‘Punk And Poetry’ which is due for release on the 18th April with their brand new single ‘Set The World On Fire’ being released a week before.

‘Set The World On Fire’ is exactly what I have come to expect from The King Blues in the way that it is a short ferocious single which runs for just under 3minutes packing massive punches within the catchy vibe and melodic verses and chorus on offer, within seconds of listening to the song you will find yourself chanting “fire, fire, fire” along with Itch and co.

It may well seem a long time away until ‘Set The World On Fire’ and ‘Punk And Poetry’ is released but at least The King Blues have the decency to tease their fans streaming new music so far in advanced, I can’t wait for ‘Punk And Poetry’ and believe that ‘Set The World On Fire’ is one of many special sounding songs to be featured on the album.


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 Band Members
The King Blues - Band
Jonny 'Itch' Fox
Jamie Jazz
Dean Ashton
Kat Marsh
Jack 'Percusher' Usher
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1. Set The World On Fire
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