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Less Than Jake - Hello RockviewLess Than Jake – Hello Rockview

Hello Rockview has always been my favourite Less than Jake album as it was songs such as ‘All My Best Friends Are Metalheads’ and ‘Al’s War’ which really got me into the band and soon saw me buying the ‘Hello Rockview’ ‘Losing Streak’ double pack album, so you could imagine mine and most Less Than Jake fans excitement when they announced that they were going to re-release ‘Hello Rockview and ‘Losing Streak’ on the 1st March 2011 which new packaging and a bonus DVD.

If is safe to say that most Less than Jake fans will agree that ‘Hello Rockview’ is the best album that the band have ever released as there is no dull moments on the album at all, the album opens with a short radio message about burning the city to the ground and then seconds later Rogers vocals come in taking you on a mad melodic journey through out ‘Last ~One Out Of Liberty City’ which is then followed up by the amazing ‘Help Save The Youth Of America From Exloding’ and then the legendary single ‘All My Best Friends Are Metalheads and the routine of one great song being played after another runs right through until the end of the album with fan favourites ‘Scott Farcass Takes It On The Chin’ and ‘Al’s War’ closing the album.

The same with ‘Losing Streak’ musically the album is exactly the same but this time around the artwork has had a nice reworking with everything before big and bright with a fold out poster included of the front cover with the lyrics being printed on the opposite side of the poster which I think is quite nifty and a good idea but some of the bands hardcore fans might be disappointed that the ‘Hello Rockview’ lyrics comic book has gone and been replaced with this but then again if you already own the album with the lyrics comic book surly you would be happy with a slight change on the re-release? Well only time will tell.

The bonus DVD included on the album features Less Than Jake playing ‘Hello Rockview’ live in its entirety at the State Theatre in Florida back in February 2007 and as soon as the band hit the stage Chris makes a joke saying “Who the hell do we think we are Guns N Roses making you wait three hours out there for us” before blasting straight into ‘Last One Out Of Liberty City’ and from that moment each and every song is played with a bit of on stage band to crowd banter right until the closing moments of ‘Al’ War’, the actual video footage is quite amateur looking with the camera shaking all over the place and changing from colour to black in white at random moments but all in all it captures Less Than Jake playing my personally favourite album in its entirety at their energetic best whilst their fans also drain their energy away whilst jumping, dancing, skanking and crowd surfing along.

Overall just like ‘Losing Streak’ the ‘Hello Rockview’ re-release is a must buy for all hardcore Less than Jake fans or anyone that still doesn’t own the classic album and I do feel that the repacked artwork and added DVD is enough to warrant buying the re-release even if you do own the original but just expect any additional audio footage or remastered sounds as the album sounds exactly the same as it did when first released back in 1998.

I also feel that Less than Jake re-releasing ‘Hello Rockview’ and ‘Losing Streak’ are their ways of telling their fans that they will be back over in the UK sometime during 2011 to play the album’s in their entirety to coincide with the re-release, only time will tell on this one.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Less Than Jake - Band
Chris Demakes
Roger Manganelli
Vinnie Fiorello
Buddy Schaub
Peter "JR" Wasilewski
 Track Listing
1. Last One Out Of Liberty City
2. Help Save The Youth Of America from Exploding
3. All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
4. Five State Drive
5. Nervous In The Alley
6. Motto
7. History Of A Boring Town
8. Great American Sharpshooter
9. Danny Says
10. Big Crash
11. Theme Song For H Street
12. Richard Allen George... No, It's Just Cheez
13. Scott Farcas Takes It On The Chin
14. Al's War
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