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Overweight - The World For SaleOverweight – The World For Sale

Ska-punk has always been my weakness when it comes to music I have always loved it and found myself growing up on bands such as Less than Jake, Whitmore, Spankboy, Kenisia, Lightyear, Jesse James, 4FT Fingers etc but sadly these days bands such as those are hard to come by and fade away pretty much as soon as they form due to there not being a big enough place for underground ska bands in the music scene these days, and that is why I was excited when the Overweight album came through my door.

Overweight are a ska-punk quintet from Belgium and are set to release their debut full length album ‘The World For Sale’ on the 14th February through all digital stores and most independent record stores.

The whole album is fast paced and addictive from start to finish, the album opens with ‘Eric’ which starts off with a massive horn’s section which really sets the mood for a massive party and flurry of mindless dancing which is the exact effect the album will have on you.

One of the best tracks on the album comes early on with track two ‘Ship Of Anarchy’, the song is majorly influenced by Whitmore in my eyes as it reminds me so much of their songs from their debut ‘Smoke The Roach’ album, if this song doesn’t get you skanking along then I would head to your local doctors to get your legs checked out as ‘Ship Of Anarchy’ is a full on dance-a-long song for all you die hard ska fans.

‘Tonight Is Mine’ is a full on hectic song, Julian’s drum beats are fantastic, constant and never out of time, the guitars riffs are your typical punk rock riffs whilst the vocals have that fast flowing catchy edge which really gets going during the full on chorus, and not to forget the backing vocals also add a nifty edge to the track.

Instrumentally ‘Come Out Now!’ is bloody amazing it has everything going on from bouncy basslines, marching band style drum beats, technical guitar riffs and beautiful sounding trumpet and trombone sounds which all come in one after another so each band member can show off their own individual talent, the vocals start off in a softly spoken way but as the song progresses they start to stand out more and more helping to make the song one of the best the album has to offer.

I could carry on writing about each and every song on the album but to be honest it is pretty pointless as there is not a weak moment throughout the album and all the songs seem to run in a similar way from the last, however I will say other highlights on the album are the melodic ‘Not A Good Day’ and the skanktastic closing track ‘Back In Town’ which finishes the album on a major high.

If you like ska-punk then you are going to find a lot of enjoyment with Overweight and their debut album ‘The World For Sale’ all the songs on the album feature pretty much the same kind of style and vibe as each other in the way that they are all massive sounding with a catchy edge that I imagine will come across even better on the live circuit as the energy captured on this recording is just immense.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Gert Thielemans (vocals & trombone)
Kevin Boonen (guitar & backing vocals)
Jurgen Ral (trumpet & backing vocals)
Julien Daiche (drums)
Willem Merckx (bass)
 Track Listing
1. Eric
2. Ship Of Anarchy
3. Tonight Is Mine
4. Come Out Now!
5. Don't Be An Idealist
6. I Cannot Manage It Today
7. Should I...
8. Not A Good Day
9. Rollercoaster
10. Back In Town
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