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Plain White T's - Wonders Of The youngerPlain White T’s – Wonders Of The younger

The brand new Plan White T’s album ‘Wonders Of The Younger’ has been delayed for many months now but has finally just hit the shops and I have to say having a review copy for the past few months that all Plan White T’s fans are going to be impressed and realise that the album has been well worth the wait as it is a proper happy sing-a-long album from start to finish.

The album opens with ‘Irrational Anthem’ which opens with really chilled out vocals and then moments later a marching band style set of drum beats come in and the song blasts into a full on melodic sing-a-long tune that is going to stick in your head for a very long time, the song has future hit single written all over it and is bound to be a fan favourite at the bands live shows. ‘Boomerang’ is a bit of a laid back love song which hits all the right notes and has all the elements of a classic Plan White T’s tune.

‘Welcome To The Mystery’ has a bit of a Tim Burton circus freak show style feel to it and it’s even easier to understand why when you realise that the song was featured on the ‘Almost Alice’ compilation album which accompanied Tim Burtons ‘Alice In Wonderland’ movie, the song is quite laid back sounding but at the same time it is also quite eerie and generally freaky yet mysteriously sounding.

‘Rhythm Of Love’ is the first single that the Plain White T’s chose to release from the album and in all honesty it is the perfect song to promote the release of the album as it is such beautifully laid back summer sounding song which everyone from the UK needs right about now to take their mind off the media obsession with the snowy weather that is currently surrounding us, so good timing guys.

The biggest stand out tracks on the album come towards the later part of it with a triple whammy of standout tracks which consist of ‘Our Song’, ‘Airplane’ and ‘Cirque Dans La Rue’. ‘Our Song’ is a cleverly written song which has obviously been written for the fans so they can have a massive sing-a-long at the bands shows and it seems to have paid off as I have shown off the loser inside me by singing the song over and over again many times in my car as it is seriously that melodic. ‘Airplane’ is quite a mysterious sounding song where frontman Tom Higgenson really gets to shine with his vocals over the acoustic sounds of the song. ‘Cirque Dans LA Rue’ is the best out of the three songs and it reminds me so much of Panic At The Disco! When they were good and relevant, anyway the song is about a massive circus freak show and about having a party in the street and the music that goes with it also sounds very much like a massive carnival is coming down your street.

The album closes with the very mellow title track ‘Wonders Of The Younger’ and it is the perfect closing moments for such a diverse sounding album.

When Plan White T’s started creating ‘Wonders Of The Younger’ they said that they wanted to create a diverse album that on the first couple of listens you never knew what was coming next and that is exactly what they have done as the album features 14 classic tracks which are so different from each other yet still all have the potential to be a hit single.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Tom Higgenson
Dave Tirio
Mike Retondo
Tim Lopez
De'Mar Hamilton
 Track Listing
1. Irrational Anthem
2. Boomerang
3. Welcome To Mystery
4. Rhythm Of Love
5. Map Of The World
6. Killer
7. Last Breath
8. Broken Record
9. Our Song
10. Airplane
11. Cirque Dans La Rue
12. Body Parts
13. Make It Up As You Go
14. Wonders Of The Younger
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