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Eyes Of A Traitor - BreathlessEyes Of A Traitor - Breathless

With the hard as nails, balls to the wall metalcore debut album ‘A Clear Perception’ behind them, Hertfordshire boys ‘The Eyes of a Traitor’ must have had the obituary second album pressure lain heavily on their shoulders. Following up this monster of an unveiling ‘Traitor’ bring ‘Breathless’ to the heavily saturated metalcore table. With so many average acts around ‘Traitor’ needed to keep the complexity and brutality of their first album but also, as all bands need to do with each new release, bring something fresh to the table.

Opening their sophomore attempt with the short sharp blast of ‘Prologue’ you are swiftly treated with ‘The Birth’ which will violate your eardrums leaving you wondering what just happened but begging for more. It also introduces you to Jack Delany improved vocals. After being one of the main criticisms of ‘A Clear Perception’ you can tell he has worked on his growls to come back with an improved sound that enhances the music delivered by the rest of the band.

Following ‘The Birth’ is the single ‘Come to my Senses’. With harsh breakdowns and the introduction of sung vocals alongside ‘Traitor’s’ distinctive cookie monster vocals is, in my eyes, a welcome progression for the band. However, it does feel like sometimes the breakdowns abruptly change rather than feed into one another. Nonetheless still one of the better songs from the album. The hardcore shouting of “come to my senses” in the outro of the song leaves you with the image of a sea of ‘Traitor’ fans screaming these words back at the band, uniting and igniting the crowd. A sure fire winner in a live set.

However as the album progresses you begin to realize that although you are being treated to good music, you are not being treated to better music.

One of my personal favourite songs from the album is ‘Your Old Ways’. I’m a sucker for sung vocals cascading over heavy breakdowns full of complex drums and circle pit provoking riffs. This song gives me just that. It is one of the lighter songs of the album, with a more metal than hardcore opening. But again ‘Traitor’ manages to deliver.

Although ‘Traitor’ managed to retain their Gothenburg style of melodic death metal influence, their harsh sound and technical, almost math rock, approach to metalcore they do not make a particularly noteworthy progression onto any new ground.. The music is still good enough to drive you into a frenzy but it seems to have stayed static. Leaving only a year between the two releases you can’t help but wonder how they managed to gather enough material which may explain the lack of progression from debut to sophomore.

Lurking behind the breakdowns you can hear the potential that this band have and you jut know that they have so much more to offer and are definitely a band to keep your eye on. Jack’s improved cookie monster vocals are a clear sign that this band strive to do better. But despite my rambling about their promise of good things to come, this is still an album that should be listened to. Bringing the feeling of their live show, that you know would leave you with a sore neck and bruised like a man handled peach, to your front room


Review by Nicci Peet

 Band Members

Jack Delany
Tim George
Matthew Pugh
Jack Moulsdale
Sam Brennan
 Track Listing
1. Prologue
2. The Birth
3. Come To My Senses
4. The Real You
5. Your Old Ways
6. Talk Of The Town
7. Nothing To Offer
8. Breathless
9. Crumble And Break
10. Grounded
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