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Winnebago Deal - Career SuicideWinnebago Deal - Career Suicide

Winnebago Deal are a band who've never turned down an opportunity to perform. With a crazy history of side projects and collaborations behind them for now; the energetic punk rock two piece are back in action after a hiatus over the past few years. The 'Deal have returned with a collection of new tracks, tweaked and twisted in all manner of ways creating on of their most punctuating releases thus far. A "greatest hits" if you will.

The record's called "Career Suicide". The third LP offering from Winnebago Deal. It consists of fourteen tracks of pure energy, which takes the you on a roller-coaster journey of emotions and involvement; ultimately leaving the listener both exhausted and enthralled by the closure of the final track. Particular stand out achievements have to be opening track 'heart attack in my head' setting the perfect tempo and foundations from the outset of what this album is all about. Other stand out moment is track 7's 'Ain't No Salvation'. It's just one and a half minutes of pure madness. Screeching vocals, supercharged drumming and those wailing guitar solos. This short but more than sweet hit summarises the passion woven into this record. By artists who have been doing why they do best for a long time. Keeping it loud, and keeping it hella fast.


Review by Phil Davies

 Band Members

Ben Perrier
Ben Thomas
 Track Listing
1. Heart Attack In My Head
2. Tokyo Rip
3. I Want Your Blood
4. Nobody's Fault But Mine
5. You Don't Exist
6. Poison
7. Ain't No Salvation
8. Murder Will Out
9. Career Suicide
10. Avalanche
11. Set In Stone
12. Suicide Pact
13. Frostbiter
14. Can't See, Don't Care, Don't Know
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