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The Others - The Truth That HurtsThe Others - The Truth That Hurts

From recently released album ‘Inward Parts’ comes another storming single from Brighton/London Indie band The Others, award winning Guerrilla giggers

Frantic and honest, this is exactly what you would expect from Dominic Masters and co, except on their return, their sound is more rounded, slightly more polished and tighter.

‘The Truth That Hurts’ is a typical Indie/Punk track, full of energy and anger, Masters’ vocals spitting an snarling, Jimmy’s guitar on a repetitive loop, this is catchy stuff that still manages to deliver the band’s message and retain their image without sounding too glossy despite the bulkier production.

This will appeal to any Indie or new wave fan.

B-side ‘I’m alright you see’ is more relaxed, finding Masters singing about being in love, this is possibly the better song of the two and would easily stand up as a single on its own.


Review by Jack
 Band Members
The Others - Band
Dominic Masters (Vocals)
Johnny Others (Bass)
Jimmy Lager (Guitar )
James Moulson (Drums)
 Track Listing

1. The Truth That Hurts

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