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The Manic Shine - The Manic ShineThe Manic Shine - The Manic Shine

The Manic Shine are a four piece band from London who formed just under two years ago and since then the band have been touring across the UK and clocking up a steady fan base in the process, in early 2010 the band headed to The Animal Farm Studios in London to record their new self titled 3 track EP which I have been meaning to review for a while now but due to a two week holiday aboard and a mad catch up game since getting back the review has been heavily delayed until now.

As mentioned above the EP features 3 tracks and they are ‘Pretend’, The Escape’ and ‘Burn Me On The Ceiling’ and all three tracks ooze in style but in their own unique way as each track is so different from each other which is what makes The Manic Shine stand out from other bands as they have the ability to create unique sounding songs with last ability.

The EP opens with ‘Pretend’ a song which opens up in such a slow way but progresses to be quite an uplifting radio friendly track, especially during the chorus which features rocking guitar riffs, a bouncy bassline and beautifully executed vocals from front man Ozzie Rodgers, overall the song is a proper foot tapping anthem that you will never grow tired of.

‘Burn Me On The Ceiling’ verges on country music with it’s opening riffs which run for a good 45 seconds before Ozzie’s vocals come in and the general sound of the song changes to a beautiful upbeat rhythm which last for the majority of the song, the twangy sounding basslines are fantastic and in general the instrumental work proves that the members of The Manic Shine are some musical geniuses.

‘The Escape’ is the last song on the EP and also happens to be the most epic track running for a good 6minues and 22seconds and features some incredible riffs, soundscapes, guitar solos and general groove that cannot be faulted especially during the last couple of minutes of the song which is an instrumental masterpiece in my eyes.

It’s not every day that you come across a fantastic new band such as The Manic Shine, these guys are so talented and for a band that has been together for under two years they are well ahead of their game and defiantly have a bright future ahead of them.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Manic Shine - Band
Ozzie Rodgers
James Hutchison
Tamir Karp
Orren Karp
 Track Listing
1. Pretend
2. The Escape
3. Burn Me On The Ceiling
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