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Papa Roach - Time For AnnihilationPapa Roach – Time For Annihilation

I remember earlier in the year when I heard that Papa Roach were working on new material, I was so excited as I have grown up loving Papa Roach and have watched them burst on to the scene as one of the best new bands back in 2000 to nearly fading away from the scene to coming back bigger and better than ever beating each and every previous record release with their new records but then only a couple of months ago I found out that the material was new songs to be featured on a Papa Roach live album which instantly made me think that the band are cashing in and coning their fans to some degree as I have never been a major fan of live albums, but now the album is here I think it is fantastic as it starts off with 5 brand new studio tracks and then runs through 9 classic Papa Roach tracks live where everything is kept in place from the crowd reaction, to the between song’s banter and the general frantic energy Papa Roach let off on the live circuit.

The album kicks off with ‘Burn’ an song that starts off slow but builds up in pace over time to become a quite a heavy song, however the vocals on the track sound a bit blurry and distorted, they defiantly don’t seem right which makes me wonder if this is a demo version of a song or did Papa Roach really go for this effect? Either way the song is alright but is a bit of a letdown compared to previous Papa Roach material.

The fun proper kicks off with ‘One Track Mind’ the song opens with an amazing bassline and the chunky guitar riffs come in and follow on in style moments later, the song builds up to become a massive radio friendly catchy number that is bound to grow to be a sing-a-long fan favourite on the live circuit in the near future.

‘Kick In The Teeth’ is the first new song that I heard of Papa Roach and I loved it straight away and it seems like it is a fan favourite already because when I watched them at Sonisphere festival the crowd was going nuts during this song and so they should because the song has a massive punk rock edge on it, it’s witty, fun, energetic and overall one of the best song’s that Papa Roach have written in a long time.

Papa Roach are no strangers to slow song’s and that is why they have made sure they have the token slow song on this album and that song is a brand new song called ‘No Matter What’, the song is a massive rock ballad and is bound to raise the roofs of future arenas they play.

‘The Enemy’ is the last of the new songs and funnily enough it is a of mix of old and new Papa Roach, it opens up with some guitar riffs that are so similar to those of the song ‘Dead Cell’ and rocks out for the next 3minutes and 38seconds, the song reminds me very much of the ‘Infest’ era which maybe I have been crying out for, for a little while now.

The live part of the album is fantastic it features the most classic Papa Roach songs such as ‘Getting Away With Murder’, ‘To Be Loved’, ‘Lifeline’, ‘Scars’, ‘Hollywood Whore’, ‘Between Angels And Insects’, ‘Last Resort’ and a few others.

The first live track on the album is ‘Getting Away With Murder’ and the whole feel of the recording makes you think that you are at a Papa Roach gig as it opens with the crowd impatiently screaming with Coby Dick shouting 40 seconds later “I want to see everyone of you jumping, now jump, jump” and then the song comes into fall flow and Papa Roach nail it in true style with the crowd loving every moment.

The start of ‘To Be Loved’ is defiantly one of the highlights of the album as anyone who has seen Papa Roach live known that they do a short rendition of The Ramones ‘Hey Ho, Lets Go’ before smashing into ‘To Be Loved’ and on this recording you can clearly hear how much they excite the crowd by doing it and then continue to excite them with such a smashing sing-a-long track.

The best live moments on the album for me are ‘Scars’, ‘Between Angles And Insects’ and of course ‘Last Resort’ as they are some of my favourite Papa Roach song’s and the biggest and best Papa Roach songs that you can sing-a-long and generally go nuts to and from the reactions of the songs on the album it seems that pretty much every Papa Roach fan feels the same as me.

‘Time For Annihilation’ is defiantly a must have for all Papa Roach fans as it features all the classic songs bundled in one package and preformed live so you can recreate to a degree the Papa Roach live experience whilst waiting for them to come to your home town, and at the same time you get to listen to 5 brand new Papa Roach song’s, now that is what a call value for money.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Papa Roach - Band
Jacoby Shaddix (Vocals)
Jerry Horton (Guitar)
Tobin Esperance (Bass)
Tony Palermo (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Burn
2. One Track Mind
3. Kick In The Teeth
4. No Matter What
5. The Enemy
6. Getting Away With Murder (Live)
7. ...To Be Loved (Live)
8. Lifeline (Live)
9. Scars (Live)
10. Hollywood Whore (Live)
11. Time Is Running Out (Live)
12. Forever (Live)
13. Between Angels And Insects (Live)
14. Last Resort (Live)
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