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The Qemists - Spirit In The SystemThe Qemists – Spirit In The System

The Qemists are a three piece drum and bass outfit from Brighton who are looking for success across the board in the whole drum and bass scene and the alternative rock scene as they have that massive cross over sound that bands such as The Prodigy, Enter Shikari and Pendulum have so get your glow sticks at the ready and hop on board to listen to the second album from these guys.

The album opens with ‘Take It Back’ which features Enter Shikari and happens to be the best song on the album full of crunching guitar riffs, psychedelic synths and those unique Enter Shikari style big and effective lead vocals, the only downside to the song is that it is so damn good it puts the rest of the album on a slight downer.

The second track ‘Hurt Less’ goes in a totally different direction from the opening track, Jenna G is featured on vocals here and for people who are not sure who she is, she is best known for her vocals for the Shapeshifters , her vocals come across quite clear but it is the fast paced beats and drum and bass sounds which stand out the most throughout the song.

‘Dirty Words’ is a song that I would imagine is best listened to when you are mashed out of your head on the dance floor dancing like there is no tomorrow, the synths are very Pendulum influenced and the vocals in places remind of those of Maxi Jazz from Faithless.

‘Renegade’ is the most radio friendly track on the album, not that The Qemists are looking out for much radio play with this album, but there is something about ‘Renegade’ which really does make it stand out , the vocals come in with a bit of computer trickery giving them a slight robot sound but as the song gets going the dance beats are fast and thick sounding with Maxsta’s vocals coming across in a more hectic way.

‘Fading Halo’ is the token slow track from the album, it features Chantal of Invasion on vocals, but sadly the song fails to get off the ground from the very start and is without a doubt the odd track on the album.

‘Life’s Too Short’ is a bit of a tub-thumper of a song which has a lot of life to it. ‘Apocalypse’ features Rob Hawkins of the Automatic on vocals and is very repetitive and fails to do anything for me, and the closing track ‘Your Revolution’ features Matt Rose on vocals and finishes the album in a perfect style with its heavy synth driven ways.

Overall ‘Spirit In The System’ is a good album but is not a touch on the music of Pendulum and The Prodigy who are obviously The Qemists main influences, but don’t let that put you off as the amount of guest bands, stars and vocalists brings a lot of diversity to the album and I am sure you will find a lot of pleasure within the 9 tracks on offer.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Qemists - Band
Dan Arnold
Leon Harris
Liam Black
 Track Listing
1. Take It Back (The Qemists Featuring Enter Shikari)
2. Hurt Less (The Qemists Featuring Jenna G.)
3. Dirty Words (The Qemists Featuring Matt Rose & Bruno Balanta)
4. Renegade (The Qemists Featuring Maxsta)
5. Fading Halo (The Qemists Featuring Chantal Of Invasion)
6. The Only Love Song (The Qemists Featuring MC ID)
7. Life's Too Short
8. Apocalypse (The Qemists Featuring Rob Of The Automatic)
10. Your Revolution
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