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Max Raptor - GhostsMax Raptor – Ghosts

I believe that Max Raptor have been around for a fair bit of time now however I have only just come across them but I am glad that I have come across them as their brand new single ‘Ghosts’ is actually pretty damn good.

‘Ghosts’ starts off with some tasty instrumental work where the drums are proper in your face and banging and the guitar riffs fast and punky, after about 20 seconds the vocals come in and they have a edgy punk sound about them, they are catchy yet the punk rock attitude does take over and bring the song full flow into life, the song runs for a good 3minutes and a good 3minutes at that.

The press release states that Max Raptor are a hardcore band, this however is not the case as it is more indie meets punk rock with a fun streak right down the middle, these guys are defiantly ones to keep a close eye on over the next couple of months.


Review by Trigger

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