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Mojo Fury - The MannMojo Fury – The Mann

Mojo Fury are a four piece band from Belfast who apparently burst onto the scene earlier this year after an explosive live at Leeds gig and they are now gearing up to release their new single ‘The Mann’.

‘The Mann’, is a ferocious slice of rock and roll that starts off a bit iffy with a mad explosion of fuzzy sounds and aggressive screams as the song progresses it does get better with a lot of energy and anger on show but at the same time there is nothing about the song that makes me want to listen to it again.

The b-side ‘Run Away’ is an acoustic track and normally I am a massive fan of acoustic tracks but Mojo Fury don’t hit the right notes with me hear as they are trying to portrait themselves as a big aggressive band but add a soppy sounding b-side to their single where the vocals sound dull and the guitar playing sits on the average sounding border.

I know a lot of people will be impressed with Mojo Fury but at the same time I know a lot of people will be disappointed, just don’t expect anything fresh and exciting and you won’t be to disappointed.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Mike (Guitar, Vocals)
James (Guitar, Vocals)
Ciaran (Bass)
Thomas (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. The Mann
2. Run Away
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