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Violent Soho - Violent SohoViolent Soho – Violent Soho

After hearing the latest Violent Soho single ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’ I had been very excited about getting hold of their forthcoming self titled album which is due for release on the 2nd August, luckily the wait to get hold of the album wasn’t long as the album came through my door a few days after I posted the single review online and it has not left my CD player since because it is absolutely fantastic.

‘Violent Soho’ features 10 tracks and I am pleased that each and every track on the album apart from one features the heavy pace and attitude of the lead single ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’ , the album opens with ‘Here Be Dragons’ and it is a tub thumper of a song from the opening scream vocals right through until the closing blast on the drums, the song is a proper grunge number and reminds me of the style of bands such as Zico Chain and Nirvana but in my opinion even better.

As mentioned above ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’ is the song that got my into Violent Soho and it is a dirty gritty sounding grunge song that has everything going for it, you really need to give it a listen to understand what I mean and to gain appreciation for the song and trust me you won’t be forgetting the song in a hurry once you have given it a listen.

‘Son Of Sam’ opens with some great drum beats with the fast blazing guitars coming in seconds later taking you on an extremely fast paced ride until the screeching vocals come in, vocally as the song progresses it becomes extremely melodic but what is good about it is the fact that the guitars maintain the same fast paced rhythm throughout the majority of the song.

‘Generation’ bounces along at such a great pace, the guitars and bass together feature so much groove and bounce that they really make the song what it is, the song has a slight commercial feel about it and should be considered for a future single release as I couldn’t think of a more perfect sounding song on the album to hear over the radio as everything about it is spot on.

Like most albums Violent Soho have featured a token slow song on the album and that song is ‘Outsider’ and it comes in just after the half way mark on the album and I have to be honest that the song is to stripped down for my liking and does come across like a filler but then again I am sure some people will appreciate it as considering the pace that the rest of the album runs at it does make for a nice break.

‘Slippery Tongue’ starts off sounding very mellow and stripped down as well but luckily after about 40 seconds the song springs into life and ends up sounding quite like some early Foo Fighters material.

The album closes with ‘Narrow Ways’ and it is a bit of an odd sounding song in the way that it doesn’t really go anywhere and fails to stand out in anyway but at the same time it is an alright song and shows a totally different side of Violent Soho which in my eyes is a good way to go out on.

If you want 30 minutes of good honest heavy alternative music then Violent Soho have just come up with the perfect soundtrack for you as their self titled album is so damn good that I can not recommend it enough seriously head to their MySpace and check them out and count the minutes between listen to the songs and yourself buying the album.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Luke Boerdam
James Tidswell
Luke Henery
Michael Richards
 Track Listing
1. Here Be Dragons
2. Jesus Stole My Girlfriend
3. Son Of Sam
4. My Generation
5. Muscle Junkie
6. Outsider
7. Slippery Tongue
8. Love Is A Heavy Word
9. Bombs Over Broadway
10. Narrow Ways
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