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Post War Years - White LiesPost War Years – White Lies

Synth driven indie music seems to be taking over these days and the latest band to adapt to that style of music is Post War Years but not only do these guys bring synths to the indie table they also bring a bit of hip-hop and have created a massive mixture which in my honest opinion is a little too much especially during their latest single ‘White Lies’.

‘White Lies’ starts off with a massive set of synths, disc scratching and hip-hop style vibes and the whole mixed together coming at you thick and fast over the opening 20seconds sounds extremely spinney, seriously you would be forgiven for thinking that you were stoned at the opening moments of the song, as the song progresses it gets very repetitive and ever so boring.

The b-side ‘Wishes’ sounds like a totally different song from a totally different band the synths start off soft and build up over time giving off a lot of feedback as the synths start to sound bigger and stronger over the seconds and before you know it the song has finished and way before it gets anywhere.

The thing with Post War Years is that I really can’t put my finger on what kind of fan base they have or will have once they get a few songs out as I seriously can’t figure out who their music will appeal to but I do know that it certainly isn’t me.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Simon James Critten (Vocals, Guitars)
Henry William Riggs (Vocals, Guitars)
Thomas Edward O'Hare (Vocals, Bass)
Fredrick McLaren (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. White Lies
2. Wishes
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