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Populationfour - This Town will Drag You DownPopulationfour – This Town will Drag You Down

Populationfour are oddly enough a five piece band from the North West of the UK and the band have been together since 2007, the band went on to release their debut four track EP ‘2009’ back in 2009 and are now set to release their second 4 track EP ‘This Town Will Drag You Down’ which is setting them up for a promising 2010.

‘This Town Will Drag You Down’ is right up my street as it is melodic metal where everything is so damn fast and catchy, the EP opens with ‘Kill Your Friends’ a song about doing anything to get ahead of the pack even if it means stabbing your friends in the back, the song is a killer from start to finish with its fast paced drum beats, super charged energetic guitar riffs and fantastic distinctive sounding lead vocals from Rick, the song features many pure instrumental moments where these guys jam out for 30 seconds at a time and it is such a pleasure on the ears.

‘We Know Too Much’ is the token slow track on the EP and is so stripped down compared to the opening track on the EP, the introduction to the song is extremely peaceful, but as the minute mark of the song approaches the guitars come in and kick the song into touch and the vocals are not far behind but it is the gang vocals of ‘We Are Not The Same’ which really brings the song to life.

‘Nomads’ opens with lyrics of “We are not trying to change the world we are here to have a good time” which is such a great message that many people can reach out to, the song is more melodic than the other tracks on the album but at the same time screamo vocals come and go throughout the song and so do the hard hitting drum beats .

The EP finishes with the title track ‘This Town Will Drag You Down’ and it is the opening guitar riffs that take centre stage during this song as they are executed at such a fast pace and kick off a big rhythm which is easily followed up with Rick’s fast flowing vocals.

You have to have a lot of respect for Populationfour because they have a massive sound that will appeal to a wide range of people due to the fact that they are here to put the catchiness back into metal, the 4 tracks on the EP are well produced and help the band sound tight as fuck and for that reason I recommend that you check these guys out.


Review by Trigger

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 Track Listing
1. Kill Your Friends
2. We Know Too Much
3. Nomads
4. This Town Will Drag You Down
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