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Orphan Boy - PopsongOrphan Boy – Popsong

I have been putting off reviewing ‘Popsong’ the latest single from Orphan boy for some time now as looking at the cover the band really did not look like my kind of thing which left me thinking that I would never be able to give these guys justice with a review but after actually listening to the single my perspective of the band has totally changed and I have a lot of time of Orphan Boy.

‘Popsong’ is an upbeat song that features a lot of groove and style, the song opens with a bashing drum beat with similar sounding drum beats coming and going as the song progresses, the loud and clear strong sounding vocals come in seconds after the opening drum beat and it is not long before the powerful guitar riffs come in and once they have come in the song is set for the next 3 and a half minutes it runs at the same pace right until the song fades out during the last few seconds.

The new Orphan Boy album is due for release at the start of August and ‘Popsong’ is sure to please the fans of the band until the album is released.


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