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My Ruin - The Brutal LanguageMy Ruin - The Brutal Language

The Brutal Language is the new album by LA rockers My Ruin. The album was produced by their guitarist, Mick Murphy, who also played all the instruments on the album after the rest of the band quit before work started.

The album starts with a fairy tale type opening with a story being read. Then goes into “Silverlake” which starts off with heavy beats. Forty seconds later, Tarrie B’s vocals kick in. A good start to the album.

“The Devil Walks” is a pure, heavy track, with Tarrie’s raw vocals and some heavy riffs. A very good, long solo is also thrown in. “Spilling Open” is a pretty heavy track as well.

My favourite track on the album is “Vince Vaughn”, which is a lot different from other tracks on the album. It's pretty catchy and one of the mellow tracks.

The album finishes with a cover of Mudhoney's “Touch Me I'm Sick”, which is great and a perfect finish to the record.

Over all, the album is stunning and well put together; sounding like a really tight band that have been together for years, even though the album was made before the band had recruited new members. If you like your music with strong, heavy vocals, awesome riffs and long guitar solos you will love this.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
My Ruin - Band
Tairrie B - (Vocals)
Mick Murphy - (Guitar)
Chris Lisee - (Bass)
Matt LeChevalier - (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Nature Boy
2. Silverlake 6571
3. Devil Walks
4. Spilling Oven
5. Cold Hands Warm Heart
6. Metamorphosis
7. Summer Of Hell
8. Vince Vaughn
9. Imitation Of Christ
10. Touch Me I'm Sick
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