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Far - At Night We LiveFar – At Night We Live

The last album that Far released was ‘Water And Solution’ back in 1998 and a year after the release of the album the band split up for a good 9 years before reforming back in 2008 and since they have reformed they have released a low key limited edition 7” of Ginuwine’s classic hip-hop song Pony, but during the release of the song Far also announced that they were busy working on their fifth studio album ‘At Night We Live’ and it is now complete.

‘At Night We Live’ is a lot heavier than previous Far material, it is also more mature and technical sounding which shows that the lengthy 9 years break has only made the band bigger, better and stronger. The album opens with ‘Deafening’ at the song opens with the heaviest riffs that Far have ever produced and as the song progresses it becomes apparent that Far have turned the sound up a notch or two for the opening of the album as the riffs cause a stir throughout the whole song and Jonah Matranga’s vocals are loud clear and heavy working well alongside the beefy riffs.

‘If You Cared Enough’ takes a totally different approach from the opening track and is a lot slower and has a real beautiful sounding melodic chorus which really helps the song stand out. ‘When I Could See’ opens up in a similar aspect to the previous song in the way that everything starts off quite mellow and ends up reminding me very much of the Deftones with the weepy vocals and technical instrumental work.

‘Give Me A Reason’ heads straight out into the poppy rock territory proving to be a beautiful radio friendly song. ‘Dear Enemy’ opens with an angry Korn style bouncy set of guitar riffs which run throughout the majority of the song, the vocals flow well over the top of the riffs and as the song progresses the riffs remain the same yet the vocals get angrier. ‘Fight Song #16.233.241’ is heavy yet catchy at the same time, the riffs are really fast paced in a punk rock style way and Jonah Matranga’s vocals swagger throughout in a punk rock way apart from during the chorus where they become more sing-a-long and catchy.

The title track ‘At Night We Live’ is a dreamy sounding track and is in a way connect to Chi Cheng from the Deftones who was left incapacitated after a car crash back in 2008, the song came about after Jonah visited Chi in hospital and is such a beautiful track written in respect of a great musician.

The album closes with ‘The Ghost That Kept On Hunting’ and the song is yet another dreamy sounding style track and opens with lyrics of “I had a fight with a ghost, the ghost of one I loved most”, the song is quite emotional sounding but as it progresses something big happens as the guitars get turned up a notch or two with massive distorted riffs coming out my speakers and various other loud soundscapes making for the perfect finish, well apart from the bonus track which comes on seconds later which happens to be the fantastic Far cover of Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’.

‘At night We Live’ is an really accessible album and it has been made accessible in the way that Far have created an album that featured many different styles of rock music, it opens up in a heavy way but then the rest of the album is quite slow paced or experimental which really gives the best of both worlds, Far fans are going to love the album and others should find pleasure within it.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Far - Band
Shaun Lopez (Guitar)
Jonah Matranga (Vocals, Guitar)
Chris Robyn (Drums)
John Gutenberger (Bass)
 Track Listing
1. Deafening
2. If You Cared Enough
3. When I Could See
4. Give Me A Reason
5. Dear Enemy
6. Fight Song #16,233,241
7. At Night We Live
8. Burns
9. Better Surrender
10. Are You Sure?
11. The Ghost That Kept on Haunting
12. Pony (Unlisted hidden track)
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