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If Lucy Fell - you Make Me NervousIf Lucy Fell - You Make Me Nervous

If Lucy Fell hail from Portugal and are influenced by bands such as Converge, Blood Brothers and These Arms Are Snakes. The band sound like a more listenable version of The Dillinger Escape Plan with loud screaming vocals that are just about listenable and understandable.

The opening track to the album is pretty randomly named 'As Simple as Giving a Name to This Song' and heads straight into an assault of Makoto Yagu's vocals which sound good here as they do throughout the rest of the album.

The album itself has many highlights such as the rawness of 'What If She Fell', the mellow soundscape and the musicalness of the album title track 'You Make Me Nervous' which gives you a nice break from the hectic screamo/hardcore. 'Together in Stupidity' starts off with some heavy drum beats and guitar riffs.

'Silk' is my favourite track on the album which builds up so well starting off with really mellow guitar playing then a minute later the constant drumming starts and then thirty seconds later you are launched into a brutal assault of vocals.

The band are exciting and energetic and extremely good at what they do but they don’t bring anything new to the genre which is going to make it hard for the band to break out into the mainstream.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
If Lucy Fell- Band
Hélio Morais (Drums)
João "Shela" Pereira (Keyboards)
Makoto Yagyu (Vocals)
Pedro "Gaza" Cobrado (bass)
Rui Carvalho (Guitar)
 Track Listing
1. As Simple As Giving A Name To This Song
2. 10x10 Minute Drive
3. What If She Fell
4. You Make Me Nervous
5. Together In Stupidity
6. Silk
7. Demented
8. Cannibal Frustration Human Hallucination
9. Something Complicated
10. Whenever You Find Yourslef Deconstructed It's A Good Starting Point
11. Escapist
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