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The Humour - You're Gonna PayThe Humour - You're Gonna Pay

I remember reviewing the debut self titled EP by The Humour a couple of years ago and being blown away by the sound of the band and then about a year ago I checked out their latest single at the time called ‘One More Drink’ and was slightly disappointed in the direction that the band went in with the son, however they are now back with their new mini-album ‘You’re Gonna Pay’ which is due for release on the 14th June and it is safe to say that my original high opinion on the band has been reinstated after giving the mini album a listen.

The opening song to the mini-album is the title track ‘You’re Gonna Pay’ and the song is big sounding from start to finish it opens with bouncy basslines and groovy guitar riffs that are bound to get your feet moving, the vocals from James Taylor are loud clear and fast paced sounding very much like Ian Watkins from Lostprophets in places, the whole production and feel of the song is spot on and faultless and overall the song is a massive sounding 3minute long rock classic.

‘Let It Go’, is a lot more poppy than the opening track, vocally the song flows fast and in-between the fast flowing vocals there are backing shouts and screams from the band of “yeah, yeah”, the lyrics to the song are well written and well easy to pick up on for a good old jolly sing-a-long.

The opening vocals of ‘Living On Your Own’ are great with James Taylor softly singing “She’s sipping cocktails at the back of the bar, she’s looking for a man who sends her straight to the stars but no one seems to satisfy” and then James vocal style changes for a moment as he shouts “what she craves”, the song flows like this throughout with the vocal style changing, instrumentally the song is well charged with killer guitar riffs, constant drum beats and basslines there to make you move.

‘Radio’, Is your token slow paced radio friendly song that has a big sing-a-long chorus so really it has been perfectly named, when the chorus of the song kicks in you do really start to appreciate the greatness of The Humour and start wonder how soon it will be before they hit the big time, serious if these guys don’t get picked up for the next Kerrang tour then Kerrang have issues.

‘Gasoline’ is all about the instrumental work as the opening jamming session lasts for a good 30 seconds and it is fantastic, as soon as the vocals come in the song changes in direction and goes on a very loud melodic ride.

The mini-album closes with ‘Mama’, a really fast paced infectious song that is bound to become a future fan favourite at the band’s gigs.

If you have never come across The Humour then I suggest that you head over to their MySpace right away and stream a couple of their songs as they are fantastic and have a sound that is going to go down extremely well in the UK and equally as well in the America, ‘You’re Gonna Pay’ is the perfect mini-album, the only downside is that it is so good that it has left me wanting to hear more from these guys.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

James (Vocals)
Matt (Guitar)
Luke (Bass)
Dan (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. You're Gonna Pay
2. Let It Go
3. Living On Your Own
4. Radio
5. Gasoline
6. Mama
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