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March Of The Raptors - March Of The RaptorsMarch Of The Raptors - March Of The raptors

March of the Raptors is a new band that formed in 2009 and is taking the capital city hostage. They offer a distinctive sound mixing thrash and hardcore to deliver their high energy shows and this pummelling debut.

The opening track, ‘Perish in Flames’ is a sudden start to this explosive album and features a couple of nice vocal melodies and a good dose of raw vocals over some hard hitting drums.

‘Grace of God’ is probably my favourite song on this debut, it features a healthy mix of pounding drums, rhythmic guitars and harmonious vocals that mix together to bring forward a fantastic hardcore piece.

‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ offers a brutal mix of short blast beats and crushing guitar riffage which conveys the songs theme of oppression making it worthy of a mention.

Track five, ‘Crestfallen’, is a song really about the vocals and the lyrics. They’re brutal and blunt, effective and emotive. It’s a fantastic song with a very distinct hint of despair and disapproval at society.

The opening of ‘After the Nightmare’ grabs the attention of the listener and then pummels their eardrums with brutal drum beats and raw, powerful vocals. It’s a fast song which is perfectly placed as the pace was beginning to flag after ‘Crestfallen’. It features a fantastic guitar solo – just one small testament to the immense talent this band has in its midst. March of the Raptors features members of bands such as Devil Sold his Soul, Smoking Hearts, Adequare Seven, *shels and Mahumodo so they’re a real super group and this debut is the proof.

This is a band born of many great bands and in itself, this band is great. Their debut is only a peek at what they’re capable of and effortlessly showcases the distinctive hardcore thrash sound that’s had people talking about them since 2009. If you haven’t heard this CD - hear it, if you haven’t seen them live – go.


Review by Lauren Dauny
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March Of The Raptors - Band
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 Track Listing
1. Perish In Flames
2. Grace Of God
3. All Hell Breaks Loose
4. Days Of Last
5. Crestfallen
6. After The Nightmare
7. Unto Themselves
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