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Mills - DecaderMiles - Decader

Mills have only played a handful of gigs but this band have been a long time coming. The brainchild of Cable drummer Richie Mills, who for this project takes on guitar and vocals, is completed by guitarist Ben Doyle of Hundred Reasons, bassist Alex Hill and drummer Nat Finbow.

The first track on the album, ‘Exhaust’ was first released as a single in 2009. It features heavy, intense opening riffs which remind me of the best bits of the 90’s – Alice in Chains, Silverchair and the like.

‘Exhaust’ is followed by ‘Hello Mellow’ which at first reminds me of a Foo Fighters song that right now, I can’t remember the name of but it’s brilliant. The Foo Fighter’s influence maintains throughout the album but luckily the album remains Mills’, not another Foo Fighter’s wannabe. A fantastic follow up to ‘Exhaust’, the first two songs are a brilliant opening showcasing the band’s ability to shift between intense pounding riffs and calmer melodic melody fluidly.

Decader picks up the speed a bit with track three, ‘Remember Me?’. Here there is clearly a more punk influence in this song however it still maintains a sound that I can honestly only say is Mills’.

‘Hell and Back’, track six, opens sounding a bit like Linkin Park’s ‘Where I Belong’ which worried me at first and I thought I was about to be catapulted to an entirely different band. But it’s okay, It remained Mills’! When the guitar breaks on this song it’s epic and deserves to be played at a volume I can’t manage in my room right now…but when I’m next in my car…

Track 10, ‘Everywhere and Right Next to You’ throws the honest sounding voice of Richie Mills and an acoustic guitar at you and although not entirely expected it’s thoroughly enjoyable. Then with the bridge comes some epic electric guitar melody which actually reminds me of summer, which is nice.

The final track on the album, ‘Un-named and Shamed’ is a brilliant end to what has been a fantastic album to listen to. It’s got groove and intensity and a nice fade-out to finish.

Overall, although the Foo Fighters influence is quite obvious the album remains entirely Mills’, filled with intense riffs, excellent lyrics, honest vocals and a massive dose of that summer feeling. It’s the perfect album to listen to in the sun and I for one would love to see this live!


Review by Lauren Dauny
 Band Members
Mills - Band
Richie Mills
Ben doyle
Nat Finbow
Alex Hill
 Track Listing
1. Exhaust
2. Hello Mellow
3. Remember Me?
4. Who's Your Friend?
5. Homebound
6. Hell and Back
7. Platonic Lovers
8. The Smell of Guilt
9. Night / Nite
10. Everywhere and Right Next to You
11. Un-names and Shamed
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