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Moneen - The World I Want To Leave BehindMoneen – The World I Want To Leave Behind

Look passed the seemingly depressing title and you will uncover Moneen’s latest full length record to be full of hope, diversity and poignant questions – such as ‘How do you want to be remembered?’ which closes Kenny Bridges description behind title track The World I Want To Leave Behind.

This is the fourth rock offering from Canada’s own and as much as it really does deliver, this is one to experience in the flesh as you can literally envision Bridges and co smashing, thrashing and grating the crap out of anything and anyone in their path as they share their latest batch of alternative genius. Imagine Kenny Bridges skidding across the stage, Erik Hughes pumping out heavy swaying bass lines, Hippy Hughes’ flying dreadlocks and Steve Nunnaro beating his drum like Animal.

Kicking off, track one The World I Want To Leave Behind, begins with ethereal guitars and eerie vocals before Steve Nunnaro jumps in and drop kicks you across your frontal lobes. With his heavy brand of drumming leading straight into Hold That Sound and beyond, the title track sets the tone for a record that leaves you guessing throughout; whether that is regarding the next arrangement heading directly for you at full speed or the lyrical depth juxtaposed with the melancholy overtones of each and every heartbreaking chord. You won’t be left unsatisfied - or suicidal. I find the cocktail of delicate chords mixed with a double shot of crashing drums and a delicious dose of frail vocals over poignant lyrics as beautiful as it is powerful – ‘Lost in a time frame I can’t shake Are you ready?’

For me the stand out tracks are the rock bangers Hold That Sound, Red Eyes and The Way and the heart-wrenchingly dainty Waterfalls. A must-have addition to the music collection of any Jimmy Eat World or Deftones fan, but I strongly urge you to acquire the physical CD version of the album as opposed to the new-school download. Reason being, the history and anecdotes running alongside each song as footnotes from different band members is, for me anyway, a wonderful addition to the album and allows you a AAA pass into Moneen’s intimate song writing process.


Review by Jessica Acreman
 Band Members
Moneen - Band
Kenny Bridges
Chris 'The Hippy' Hughes
Erik Hughes
Steve Nunnaro
Haris Cehajic
 Track Listing
1. The World I Want To Leave Behind
2. Hold That Sound
3. Great Escape
4. Believe
5. Redefine
6. The Way
7. The Long Count
8. The Monument
9. Waterfalls
10. Red Eyes
11. Lighters
12. The Glasshouse
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