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The Paddingtons: The Lady Boy Tapes EPThe Paddingtons: The Lady Boy Tapes EP

Although sporting a mere quintet of tunes which have been carefully selected for The Paddingtons’ latest release, The Lady Boy Tapes EP, each song packs in more than a tart’s little black book.

Hailing from sunny Hull, vocalist Tom Atkin, axemen Josh Hubbard and newbie Stuee Bevan, bassist Lloyd Dobbs and drummer Grant Dobbs, are writing their band’s next chapter of rock n roll history. Proving to be more than Primark-indie, and creating music with a little help from their friends - Anthony Rossomondo and Didz Hammond of Dirty Pretty Things produced the lads’ latest full length album No Mundane Option – the Northern lads are currently on tour across the UK. Be sure to check them out.

Consequence kicks off the mini-proceedings with heavy hearted and glum guitars not lacking in toe tapping beats. Telling tales of typically British weekend antics gone awry as The Paddingtons’ frontman “could not look to the eyes of my closest friends”. Sounding out influences from The Editors and The Offspring may sound weird but the team works and produces a unique sound. All in all, a successful start.

Gun shot snare busts a gut in the intro to Walking In The Rain. This indie gem ticks all the right boxes in the pop rock stakes with its bellowing, sing-along chorus: “Give it up Give it up I said come on Give it Up wooaah”. Tickling your senses, this 2 and a half minute pop-a-thon was created for shapeshifting.

From the wonderful to the plain weird in the shape of the very sexual Lady Boy; an apparent penchant for fart rock follows through on this track. Perhaps a little less than lyrical genius but no less funny – “I’ve got a penis you’re inbetween us…You’re a fine hermaphrodite a lovely lady boy” are words that simply must make Jimmy Pop beam with pride. Enjoy a classy feature from everyone’s favourite anti-folker Adam Green. I did.

Spiraling riffs echo throughout the opening ten seconds of the penultimate track Pity Plenty. Forty three seconds and, in the nick of time, the drums thunder in for the confidence boosting chorus of “I feel pretty pretty now I feel pretty pretty somehow”. The repetition and rhythm insist on playing on your frontal lobes for quite some time afterwards; a bit like tinnitus but less offensive to your day to day life.

Wrong Un. Rife with classic punk riffs distorted from start to finish and subtly referencing The Ramones. Keeping in line with their less than 3 minute treat, The Paddingtons’ have created a indie punk cracker complete with listless vocals that are sure to make you air-drum your way to work and back again. No hint of heartbreak in Atkin’s voice but listen a little deeper and you will hear lyrics tinged with more than their fair share of emotional anguish “Ok not now you let me down you went too far you broke my heart”. With that final word lingering as much on Atkin’s lips as our ear lobes, you can sort of gauge some kind of emotion behind the song. It seems the lack of commitment in Atkins voice makes finding a Wrong Un instead of The One a futile and perhaps even yawn-worthy chore. Mostly, he just sounds detached. Perhaps that is the point.

Cooler than an eskimo’s igloo and as nonchalant as Simon Cowell waiting for the Christmas number 1 results; this EP was more than enjoyable. Bursting with beats that pogo between indie wholesomeness and rebellious punk licks and lyrics that effervesce casually below the surface points The Paddingtons on the right track out from under the radar; however I would love to hear them sound more like themselves than, well, everyone else.


Review by Jessica Acreman
 Band Members
The Paddingtons - Band
Tom Atkin
Stuee Bevan
Josh Hubbard
Lloyd Dobbs
Grant Dobbs
 Track Listing
1. Consequence
2. Walking In The Rain
3. Lady Boy
4. Pretty Pity
5. Wrong Un
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