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Long Disaster - Black Magic: All Mysteries RevealedYear Long Disaster - Black Magic: All Mysteries Revealed

From the moment you turn on ‘Black Magic: All Mysteries Revealed’ (3) by Year Long Disaster hard rock crashes against your ears. With roaring guitar riffs and moody vocals courtesy of Daniel Davies there is no denying their roots. You can almost hear the strut and stage presence of an old school rockstar through the speakers.

The album takes inspiration from the novel ‘The Master and Margarita’ which is about the devil rising in Moscow. YLD draws on the idea that with no evil there would be no good and how some actions can be misconstrued as evil when they are in fact not. With such a philosophical concept it makes for some lyrically interesting songs such as ‘Sparrow Hill’. Although the concept may not be totally original, like the music, I find that it gives the songs greater meaning and I think they pull it off well, adding something more to just good vs. evil.

A lot of the songs on the album are quite fast paced and catchy. My personal favourite is ‘Show me Your Teeth’. This is unquestionably a fight song that you would put on before a night out. A lot of the songs are crowd movers which is obviously what YLD are good at. You can hear the American hard rock influence clearly in these songs, and even though a lot of these up beat songs may not be massively original YLD take their obvious influences and make them into good songs. There is no denying that they are good musicians.

Although a lot of the songs are hard rock belters YLD do slip in the odd slower more reflective song like ‘Seven of Swords’ which to me has a Led Zeppelin feel to it, but I’m not complaining. The 70s rock influence in this song makes it work. ‘The Master and Margarita’ influence I think can be heard in this song as well. This is one of their deeper songs on the album and is one of my favourite tracks.

Although their songs are catchy and up beat for the most part I couldn’t help but get the feeling that I’d heard it all before. Now I have nothing against hard rock, in fact AC/DC are one of my all time favourite bands, but I do like originality. This is not saying that this is a bad album or not worth a listen. If you’re a hard rock fan then this album is definitely the one for you. However with three musical heavy weights: Daniel Davies, Richie Mullins (Karma to Burn) and Brad Hargreaves (Third Eye Blind) I can’t help but admit that I expected something a bit more.


Review by Nicci Peet
 Band Members
Year Long Disaster - Band
Daniel Davies
Rich Mullins
Brad Hargreaves
 Track Listing
1. Black Magic (intro)
2. Show Me Your Teeth (Album Version)
3. Love Like Blood (Album Version)
4. Stranger In My Room (Album Version)
5. Sparrow Hill (Album Version)
6. Seven Of Swords (Album Version)
7. She Told Us All (Album Version)
8. Venus At The Crossroads (Album Version)
9. Major Arcana (Album Version)
10. Foggy Bottom (Album Version)
11. Cyclone (Album Version)
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