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Pendulum - WatercolourPendulum – Watercolour

Pendulum have been one of the biggest success stories over the past 18 months, don’t get me wrong the band have always had a big following but since they released ‘In Silico’ they have become bigger than ever due to the fact that there newly developed sound helped them cross over from the dance scene into the alternative music and rock scene.

At the moment Pendulum are currently working on their new album but in the meantime they are giving their fans a little teaser of what to expect with the release of their brand new single ‘Watercolour’.

‘Watercolour’ uses pretty much the same formula that Pendulum have always used but this time around the band have edged back towards their roots a little bit more as the song is much more dance based than it is rock based, the dance beats are on a repetitive loop throughout the whole song, they are nothing special however they are clearly what you have come to expect from Pendulum, the vocals are really fast flowing keeping up with the constant dance beats.

I don’t think ‘Watercolour’ is the perfect come back song for Pendulum especially when they are currently as popular as they are and have a lot of people expect big things from their next album, but saying that I am sure that all Pendulum fans will find enjoyment within ‘Watercolour’ but I’m not sure how long for.


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 Band Members
Pendulum - Band
Rob Swire (vocals/synth/producer)
Gareth McGrillen (bass guitar/producer/DJ)
Perry Ap-Gwynedd (guitar)
Paul 'El Hornet' Harding (DJ)
Kodish (drums)
 Track Listing
1. Watercolour
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