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The Parlotones  Life DesignThe Parlotones – Life Design

These guys are from South Africa, and they're fucking huge in their home country. Like, massive. Here they are to mount their assault on the UK charts, and, well, good luck to them. For me, if they did an indie X-Factor started and the only judges were Bono and Meatloaf, these guys would undoubtedly win. It's quite catchy in the sense that it eventually finds its way to a steady tap-along beat, but other than that it's not my bag. The lyrics are painfully Meatloaf and the vocal itself has an over-arching sense of mainstream power rock ballads – sweeping and wailing. No, the chorus isn't bad, everything manages to come together for that, there's a nice chord progression and the sound bulks out a bit, but the verses are empty with a deep tom-led beat and some faint synths that really don't do much. For a band so massive in their home country, I was expecting more. And although I can't judge them on this single alone, this just isn't consistent enough from start to finish. Perhaps I'm exaggerating.


Review by Thom
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The Parlotones - Band
Kahn Morbee
Neil Pauw
Glenn Hodgson
Paul Hodgson
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1. Life Design
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