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Lower Than Atlantis - Far QLower Than Atlantis – Far Q

Every now and then there is a band that you have hardly heard of that came’s across and impresses you in every way possible, now over the past couple of months there have been some solid albums released from well established bands such as Lostprophets, Alkaline Trio, Rob Zombie and even some great new EP from upcoming bands such as Code Jak, Zalinski and The Rocket Dolls but it’s Hertfordshire’s Lower Than Atlantis who impress me the most and they were pretty much non heard of to myself until I checked out their debut album ‘Far Q’.

Lower Than Atlantis are a four piece band who pack a fierce sound which sounds like the Gallows crossed with The Ghost Of A Thousand, the vocals are full of screams and shouts but at the same time there are a fair amount of melodic sing-a-long moments which sound spot on with the crispy clean production that ‘Far Q’ has.

The album opens in style kicking off with the title track ‘Far Q’ and from the start you can tell that Lower Than Atlantis have knocked the sound barrier up to 11 and are a band who love to rock out and make as much noise as possible whilst still keeping their songs listenable masterpieces, the song features many breakdowns where it builds up to a really heavy piece before crashing back down to more mellow soundscapes and screams.

Things start to get exciting from ‘Taping Songs Off The Radio’ the song is about music piracy and karma coming back to bite you on the arse, the lyrics are well written with Mike singing “I’ve been collecting music for so long, today I turned on my laptop and it’s all gone, I opened my iTunes and it’s bare, I can’t find the albums I downloaded anywhere. Karma payback for not paying for these tracks, but I’d [ay every penny just to have them all back”, now these lyrics are not going to help Lower Than Atlantis save the world or anything but they deal with real situations that are happening in the world today and their lyrically content in places are spot on just like they are here, the song is short and sweet running at just under 3minutes but it is straight to the point.

‘I’m Not Bulimic (I Just Wanted To See How Far I Could Stick My Fingers Down My Throat’ is my personal favourite track from the album, the song is the longest running track on the album running at 4minutes 48seconds and also happens to be the most melodic track on the album and a song that pretty much every teenager can relate to these days as the song is about being trying to live within the recession, the lyrics are well written and very meaningful and I am sure most people will take note of the following lyrics. "We are the kids of the recession, credit cards, overdrafts, loans and no pensions", the instrumental work during the song is fantastic with proper crunching guitar riffs and fast paced bouncy basslines and not to mention the thunderous drumming whilst the vocals come across in such an upbeat melodic way, I am sure anyone who listens to ‘Far Q’ will fall in love with this song and listen to it on repeat and over and over again just like I did and still am.

The song titles that Lower Than Atlantis have come up with are all quirky and quite real to life such as ‘Eating Is Cheating’ which happens to be everyone’s favourite line when they are going out on the town to get hammered ‘A/S/L?’ which happens to be the classic online chat room welcome and the song deals with stalking your favourite singers and bands online via their MySpace, Facebook and various other social network sites.

‘Mike Duce’s Symphony No.11 In D Minor’ is a fantastic track, it’s the slowest and most mellow track on the album where things are proper slowed down but as the song goes on you can feel it building up right until Mike goes into overdrive with his shouty vocals.

The album closes with ‘Extra! Extra! Read All about It!’ and the song goes all out on the instrumental front as there is some proper heavy jamming sessions going on from the opening seconds of the song right until the final moments, the vocals come across in a fast way but they are more touching on being raw than they are being melodic, however as far as I’m concerned with this song it is the instrumental work where it shines and total kicks arse as Lower Than Atlantis show off their skills to the max.

Now I’m not sure why the album is called Far Q but it is one of those titles that if you say it a few times in a row and fast enough it will start to sound like you are swearing, yeah give it a test, I am sure this is what Lower Than Atlantis wanted and that it is part of their quirky humour and creativeness.

As mentioned above Lower Than Atlantis are a very fast paced hectic band who write songs about every day things that happen in the world, they have a message to get across within their music and they seem to get it across in the best way possible as each of the 12 tracks on ‘Far Q’ are so listenable and even more enjoyable if you take in the lyrics in, now Lower Than Atlantis are not doing anything to reinvent an already thriving music scene but they are adding to the excitement and are bound to become one of the most talked new bands within the hardcore scene.


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 Track Listing
1. Far Q
2. B.O.R.E.D
3. Taping Songs Off The Radio
4. I'm Not Bulimic (I Just Wanted To See How Far I Could Stick My Fingers Down My Throat)
5. Eating Is Cheating
6. No Belts
7. Face Full Of Scars
8. A/S/L?
9. Down With The Kids
10. Yo Music Scene, What Happened?
11. Mike Duce's Symphony no.11 In D Minor
12. EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It
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