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The Dirty Disco - SistaThe Dirty Disco – Sista

Looking at the cover of the debut single ‘Sista’ from The Dirty Disco it looked like the song was going to be my worst nightmare and become one of those rare song’s that get a 1 out of 5 rating but once again I have learnt my lesson that I should never judge a song before I listen to it as ‘Sista’ is really happy theatrical disco song that I can’t get enough off.

‘Sista’ is a song which is really hard to describe but I will try my best, basically think of a weight loss or dance DVD where an instructor tells you to move to the left and right and follow their moves etc, well the vocals come across in that manner but in a more upbeat fast listenable way which is not going to put you to sleep, the dance beats draw you in straight away and will have you strutting your stuff on the dance floor in no time.

Surprisingly I love ‘Sista’ the song is fantastic and I really want to hear more from The Dirty Disco as they are so not my kind of thing but so listenable at the same time.


Review by Trigger
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