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North Atlantic Oscillation - Drawing Maps From MemoryNorth Atlantic Oscillation – Drawing Maps From Memory

North Atlantic Oscillation have just released ‘Drawing Maps From Memory’ it is the first single to be taken from their forthcoming album ‘Grappling Hooks’ and it is a really strange sounding song that feels like it was recorded under water as it is all dreamy and bubble sounding which is obviously the style that they were going for.

Despite sounding slightly unreal and dreamy ‘Drawing Maps From Memory’ is an alright song, it is not the kind of song that you hear every day and instrumental you have to give North Atlantic Oscillation major Kudos as everything from the tingling piano piece, to the banging drums beats right down to the chunk guitar riffs are unusual yet so listenable, the dreaminess comes from the vocals which on paper should sound odd against the instrumental work but somehow works really well along side.

I feel North Atlantic Oscillation are defiantly a band to watch and I am extremely interested to see what else they have come up with for their debut album.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
North Atlantic Oscillation
Ben (Drums, synths, programming)
Sam (Vocals, guitar, bass, bad sax, keyboards, programming)
Chris (bass, synth bass, vocals)
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1. Drawing Maps From Memory
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