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No Machine - Toast The ToasterNo Machine – Toast The Toaster

When No Machine released their debut album ‘A Terrible Thing’ back in late 2007 I was instantly hooked on their sound, a sound which saw progressive rock turned into easy listening with so many catchy moments on offer throughout the 11 well written songs, soon after the album was released I went and watched them live in Oxford and at that show they played a number of song’s that weren’t including on their debut album and one of these songs was ‘Toast The Toaster’ and it happened to be the song that went down the best at the show and now it is finally ready to be released as a single.

‘Toast The Toaster’ is a song about losing yourself for a bit and everything about the song has that perfect sound and feel from the opening instrumental piece that could easily sound like the start of a brand new game show on TV right down to the fast flowing vocals from AL Rivers which flow well before, during and after the melodic chorus, the keyboard work is also fantastic sounding and everything goes that little bit more upbeat and epic for the closing moments of the song.

The b-side to ‘Toast The Toaster’ is actually an instrumental version of the song and it is actually quite nice to listen to and makes me thing more that No Machine create happy music which is best suited to TV.

Let’s hope that ‘Toast The Toaster’ starts to give No Machine the recognition that they deserve and let’s also hope they don’t disappear off the face of the earth after they release their second album as sadly that is pretty much what happened after the release of their debut.


Review by Trigger
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No Machine - Band
Al Rivers (Vocals)
Emil Rivers (Piano)
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1. Toast the Toaster
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