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Motion Picture Soundtrack - Glass FiguresMotion Picture Soundtrack – Glass Figures

I remember reviewed the old EP by these guys called ‘Departure’ a few months ago and the whole thing reminded me of Muse and the ambient soundscapes just gave you the feeling that Motion Picture Soundtrack’s music would be best suited to the arenas and football stadium venues across the world.

The band are still busy working on getting their debut album ‘The Shapes We Fear Are Of Our Own’ released and that is now slated for a 1st March release date but in the mean time they are releasing their brand new single ‘Glass Figures’.

‘Glass Figures’, is pretty much more of the same stuff from these guys, it’s slightly dark sounding and is full of soundscapes which take you on a slightly thrilling journey, you will instantly fall in love with the vocals from Alistair Blackwood as they are so softly delivered and just scraping the surface from being depressing, the overall sound of the song is cinematic which to be on honest goes well with the band’s name.

It’s only a couple of weeks away now until the Motion Picture Soundtrack release their debut album and from that moment there is going to be a lot of hype surrounding these guys especially is they manage to pull it off and have a album full of song’s of this high quality.


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Alastair Blackwood
Nick Watts
Graeme Blackwood
Will Hasler
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1. Glass Figures
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