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General Fiasco - Ever So ShyGeneral Fiasco – Ever So Shy

It was towards the end of 2009 when I first heard the music of General Fiasco with their brand new single at the time called ‘We Are The Foolish’, the song was fantastic and earned a 5 star rating from myself when I reviewed it, well the band are now back with their next single ‘Ever So Shy’ and it’s so much better than the previous single.

‘Ever So Shy’ opens with near spoken word lyrics of “Let’s get wasted it’s all we ever do”, now these are lyrics which pretty much everyone can relate to as we have all gone out just to get wasted at some point in life, moments after the spoken word vocals have kicked in the guitars come in at 100 miles per hour with the vocals then going on over drive taken you on a big melodic sing-a-long journey.

Overall the song is a sing-a-long indie anthem which deserves to be sung along to at the biggest stadiums across the world; the song is full on infectious with loud and clear vocals which have their own individual feel about them thanks to the style that Owen has developed.

General Fiasco are defiantly a band to watch throughout 2010 as I really believe that they will become bigger and better in time.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Owen (Vocals, Bass)
Enda (Guitar, Vocals)
Leaky (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Ever So Shy
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