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Gossip - Standing in The Way Of ControlGossip - Standing In The Way Of Control

The Gossip are a trio from Arkansas who have been around for just over 5 years now. The band have a punk/soul/garage sound and have just released their new single 'Standing in the Way Of Control' which comes from the bands third studio album of the same name.

'Standing In The Way Of Control' is a song that vocalist Beth Ditto wrote as a response to her government's decision to deny gays the right to marriage in the US.

When I first heard the bands new single 'Standing In The Way Of Control' I wasn’t to keen on it as I couldn’t get into the mixture of music that is on the track. However, after a few listens to the song I have found that it has grown on me, the song has dance beats throughout and vocalist Beth Ditto's shouting and soul vocals go down a treat alongside the heavy guitar riffs, the song is a stunning anthem.

If the rest of the bands third album is as good as this single it will definitely be worth checking out and I can see the Gossip sounding even better live than they do on record.


Review by Trigger
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Gossip - Band
Bethr (Vocals)
Brace (guitar)
Hannah (Drums)
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1. Standing In The Way Of Control
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