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You Me At Six - Hold Me DownYou Me At Six – Hold Me Down

The recent You Me At Six single release of ‘Underdog’ saw me totally change my opinion on the band as song was such a big sing-a-long mature sounding song which totally stood out and rocked compared to all the bands previous material which I have never been able to get on with, I have since listened to the band’s new album ‘Hold Me Down’ over and over again and have realised that You Me At Six have now grown into men and the release of ‘Hold Me Down’ is going to take them far.

The album opens with ‘The Consequence’ a big rocking song which features massive drum beats, big old guitar riffs and front man Josh Franceschi showing off his new loud and forceful vocals, the song is a big tub-thumper of a tune, the big pop punk feel of their previous material is gone but the song still happens to run on a catchy nature which is over run by the big instrumental work.

The next song on the album is the bands current single ‘Underdog’ now I’m sure that every single one of you would have heard this song by now and made up your own opinion on it, for me I love the song as it perfectly shows how You Me At Six have grown up and developed a bigger and mature sound.

The best moments of the album come in towards the middle for example ‘Take Your Breath Away’ is an fantastic song that starts off slow paced but suddenly takes you on a big melodic journey with ever so catchy lyrics that you will be singing along to in no time at all, and whilst singing along to the song’s catchy nature you will find yourself tapping along to the big instrumental work.

Next up you have ‘Liquid Confidence’ the song is a big song that sounds more American than it does English and it sounds more like the general feel and vibe of Theory Of A Dead Man than it does You Me At Six, seriously you need to give the song a listen to understand what I mean, the song however is big and fun sounding and will be one of the tracks on the album that you will find yourself revisiting time and time again.

‘Hard To Swallow’ is another song that is done in the same way that ‘Liquid Confidence’ is but stands out so much more due to due to the way that Josh’s vocals fire off from the start and take you on one of the biggest melodic journeys of your life, the song is a big radio friendly song which is bound to be a future single release and also become a fan favourite in time.

‘Fireworks’ closes the album and it reminds me very much of Brand New due to the slow nature and pace of the song right down to the chilled out vocals from Josh.

With ‘Hold Me Down’ You Me At Six have got everything spot on from the production which is a killer this time around compared to the iffy production on their debut, they have also clearly spent a lot of spare time jamming as the riff’s and general instrumental work on ‘Hold Me Down’ is much bigger, heavier and fits together so much better than it did on their debut and as for Josh’s vocals he has now found his true potential with his newly found mature vocals.

I feel a lot of the hardcore You Me At Six fans are going to be shocked with ‘Hold Me Down’ to start with but after they have gave it time and enough listens they will start to love it and realise the true potential of the album, many haters of the band who happen to listen to the album will also start to realise that You Me At Six aren’t that bad after all and just for these simple reasons 2010 could be the year that You Me At Six start to headline and sell out arenas on their own.


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 Track Listing
1. The Consequence
2. Underdog
3. Playing The Blame Game
4. Stay With Me
5. Safer To Hate Her
6. Take Your Breath Away
7. Liquid Confidence
8. Hard To Swallow
9. Contagious Chemistry
10. There's No Such Thing As Accidental Infidelity
11. Trophy Eyes
12. Fireworks
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