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Noisia - Machine GunNoisia – Machine Gun

Noisia are well known legends in the underground scene who has a cult following thanks to hits such as ‘The Tide’, ‘Gutterpump’ as well as more high profile remixes for the likes of Moby and The Prodigy, well they are now ready to release their first main single ‘Machine Gun’.

‘Machine Gun’ is the kind of song that drum and bass fans will pop a few pills to and spin out like a bunch of nutters , the song is quite explosive and features some heavy beats which will leave your speakers booming to the point that they might just rip open and explode, the single of ‘Machine Gun’ also features 5 remix versions which are all too much for me to take it, but I am sure big lovers of drum and bass will appreciate every moment.

The music of Noisia is not something that I would normally listen to but I can appreciate the talent but can’t say ‘Machine Gun’ is a song I will be coming back to that often.


Review by Trigger
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Noisia - Band
Martijn van Sonderen
Thijs de Vlieger
Nik Roos
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1. Machine Gun
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