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The New Loud  Can't Stop Not KnowingThe New Loud – Can't Stop Not Knowing

I'd guess you'd have to think a lot of yourself to stick a Radiohead cover on your EP – and you'd also want to have done it really well to justify it – and you'd probably want a really strong EP along with it to back it up, right?

The New Loud have none of these, except the Radiohead cover. And it makes me physically sick. “2 + 2 = 5” has never sounded so dreadful. It sounds like a group of kids with no knowledge of different time signatures and keys have tried giving it a go, and this was their first attempt. My main gripe is that the line “two and two always makes a five” seems to jump around forty different keys and the note it ends on has no other relevance to the rest of the song. The song's already a bit weird to start with, being Radiohead and all, but you've just pushed it over the line. Although it improves when it kicks in, the disgusting synthesiser sounds throughout destroy any hope there was that they might have pulled it off. A couple of promising moments, but, please don't try this again.

The New Loud have an odd twinkly electro sound – and although there's clearly a proper band hidden underneath, it's well hidden, beneath electronic blips and beeps, and some annoyingly mundane vocals, one male and one female. The third track “Heaven” isn't quite as bad as the Radiohead cover, and nowhere near as awful as the first track which I've chosen to ignore completely.

How this is “Alternative and Punk” (yeah thanks iTunes,) I've no idea, but the noises they make really grate. If you stripped this away and gave the songs to a half decent rock band, you might even be onto a winner. But right now, like this, I feel a bit queasy.


Review by Thom
 Band Members
The New Loud - Band
Shane (Guitar, Vocals)
Jessi (Keyboard, Vocals)
Radish Beet (Drums, Vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Don't Dance
2. 2 + 2 = 5
3. Heaven
4. The Short Way To Get You
5. Every Girl I See (demo)
6. Heaven (extended Mix)
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