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London Blackmarket  The Hardest Stone To ThrowLondon Blackmarket – The Hardest Stone To Throw

The single opens with a catchy fuzzy riff that ensnares you – only to disappoint when the verse starts. A mangle of drums and a reasonably high-pitched vocal, something's not working. When the bass and guitars return the song begins to sound more promising and suddenly explodes into a pacey chorus that makes up for the start of the verse. And when it happens again in the second verse you're happy to let it slide so you can get back to the chorus again.

The first b-side “Linas Store,” starts in a hectic riff, quickly dies down to a simple plodding verse and once again finds itself exploding into a fantastic chorus. The second half of the song finds itself lost in an upbeat jerking indie tangle, and I love it. The second b-side “Last Chance Dance” - has a riff which probably shouldn't be classed as indie but with that drum-beat, there's not really any other genre you can stick it in.

London Blackmarket are like a British version of the Hives – but it's all a bit heavier, the vocalist tends to stay a little more in tune – and every song is a winner.


Review by Thom
 Band Members
London Blackmarket - Band
Nicholas Long (Vocals,Guitars)
Davey Holland (Bass)
Nick Gibbs (Guitars)
Brad Verlander (Drums, Percussion)
 Track Listing
1. The Hardest Stone To Throw
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