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The October Game  GreenbacksThe October Game – Greenbacks

This isn't the strongest track from the Wildblood album, but it isn't too bad. I'd personally go hunting for “Right On Time” or “Boxing Underwater” - but “Greenbacks” offers a simple alternative relaxed song – that can't offend even the most easily offended. It's your usual guitars bass drums vocal set up, and although I'm tempted to say it's a little bit like a British Death Cab, it's not. Every time I think it could be, the drums get hit harder and this cheeky breakdown riff appears that isn't at all Death Cab. And so it pains me that I can't think who this sounds like. The B-side isn't featured on the album, sadly. “You Haven't Seen Me Change,” although a little obvious in its progression is a really nice track that would have sat nicely upon Wildblood – alas you can't win them all. The final track on the single is a live and acoustic version of “Concrete,” which does feature on the album in its original form – and this version showcases, if anything, the vocalists tremendous voice. It's not one that boasts immaculate strength, but it does gracefully glide over all the notes perfectly, and that's something to treasure, especially live.


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