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Person L  The PositivesPerson L – The Positives

The album opens with “Hole In The Fence.” It's gentle and tuneful and, doesn't really say enough to make some sweeping generalisations, as I like to do after one track. It builds and builds throughout the track and ends in an empty explosion. You know that big guitar sound which actually doesn't comprise of very much, echoing away in the background in a reverby mess. “Good Days” has a more noticable form but just seems to repeat itself over and over until suddenly it's finished. And as it turns out, so does the rest of the album. Not a single track to grab you. In the slightest.

In all honesty, I'm horifically bored. Another band that wouldn't sound out of place at your local pub or battle of the bands – the songs are put together in such an obviously “heard this many times before” way and offer nothing remotely original or unique. There's not even a catchy chorus, on the entire album, for Person L's defence. I started the album thinking it could be a bit Boxer Rebellion, but now I'm kicking myself ever thinking that Person L could come close to such a sound. It's nothing but painfully average pub music, and though the pace may vary, it still all says the same things. I challenge you to be excited by this.


Review by Thom
 Band Members
Person L - Band
Brian Medlin
Charles Schneider
Nathaniel Vaeth
Kenneth Vasoli
Ryan Zimmaro
 Track Listing
1. Hole In The Fence
2. Good Days
3. The Positives
4. Goodness Gracious
5. New Sensation
6. Stay Calm
7. Sit Tight
8. Loudmouth
9. Changed Man
10. Pleasure Is All Mine
11. Untitled
12. I Sing The Body Electric
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