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Nitin Sawhney  London Undersound  Instrumentals and RemixesNitin Sawhney – London Undersound – Instrumentals and Remixes

Now, this is a really funny one to try and review. The first twelve tracks are simply instrumental versions of some tracks from London Undersound – so if you know that album, you know what to expect. Interesting though, how “Days Of Fire” sounds so remarkably different without Natty's vocals over the top. Without him, it becomes clear how very Nitin Sawhney the track is. The sound is very clean, very simple, but at the same time, every espect has been thought about to put together a song which really works from start to finish. Beyond the instrumentals is a selection of various remixes – some have a hard-hitting upbeat feel and others are massively chilled out – and that is unfortunately why all in all, I don't think this release works on its own. If you were to put this album on, the heavy remixes will appear completely out of place and will throw the gentle and extremely well-thought-out tracks off-balance. The French version of “October Daze” is quite interesting though, very dark and, well it in no-way-whatsoever does justice to the original track but, it's worth a listen. Just once. Then take the CD out, and put the proper album back in. There, the balance is restored.


Review by Thom
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Nitin Sawhney - Band
Nitin Sawhney
 Track Listing
1. Days of Fire Instrumental
2. October Daze Instrumental
3. Bring It Home Instrumental
4. My Soul Instrumental
5. Distant Dreams Instrumental
6. Shadowland Instrumental
7. Daybreak Instrumental
8. Ek Jaan Instrumental
9. Transmission Instrumental
10. Last Train to Midnight Instrumental
11. Firmament Instrumental
12. Charu Keshi Rain Instrumental
13. Bring It Home Safe Blag Remix
14. Last Train to Midnight Gloom World Mix
15. Distant Dreams Witty Boy Remix
16. Shadowland Club Mix
17. Ek Jaan Cotti Remix
18. Distant Dreams Acoustic Version
19. October Daze French Version
20. Ek Jaan Bob Holroyd Deep Blue Mix
21. Bring It Home Chill Out Mix
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