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We Fell To Earth - We Fell To EarthWe Fell To Earth - We Fell To Earth

A collection of vaguely electronic songs that refuse to go anywhere – that's all I'm hearing. An annoyingly drab array of sounds, loosely thrown around a slow beat, with some Bat For Lashes esque vocal creeping in and out. There is nothing on this album that evokes any kind of emotion of makes me want to move in the slightest, with the exception of the treacherous lean over to eject the disk. In a similar way to how Shiny Toy Guns second album was a sack of shit, as is this album, although in a less poppy manner. Either way it's a real disappointment, and album aside I cannot see even the slightest thrill in catching this live. It's an electro lullaby. And when I say electro, I mean it's been made electronically, it isn't at all techno techno techno and, just, no. Atmospheric textured sounds ring from a track's start to a track's end and not much happens in the middle. This is a bore.


Review by Thom Curtis
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 Track Listing
1. Spin This Town
2. Lights Out
3. Sovereign
4. The Double
5. Burn Away
6. Careful What You Wish For
7. Sunshadow
8. Lost In Flames
9. Undone
10. Deaf
11. The Double (Skinned Alive Version)
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