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Japanese Voyeurs - That Love Sound/ BlushJapanese Voyeurs – That Love Sound/ Blush

I first came across the Japanese Voyeurs back towards the end of 2009 when they released ‘The Sicking And Creaming’ EP, I found the EP listenable but pretty average overall, the band have now spent some more time in the studio and are back with a double A-side single which features two brand new songs, the first called ‘That Love Sound’ and the second being ‘Blush’.

‘That Love Sound’ is a big dirty rock and roll track with screeching guitars and sleazy sounding female vocals that verge on sounding quite similar to the vocals of Courtney Love, with their catchy yet shouty feel, the song is extremely listenable and you will find yourself wanting to listen to it again and again.

‘Blush’ on the other hand is a real mad frantic paced track which opens up with nearly non-existent soundscapes and then kicks into an all on assault of noise with banging drum beats, screeching guitar riffs and gritty sounding vocals.

This double A-side release by the Japanese Voyeurs is big and fun sounding, it’s not going to change the world or make the Japanese Voyeurs your new favourite band but it might make you go out and see them live as it sounds like it would go down so much better live than on record.


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1. That Love Sound
2. Blush
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