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Placebo - Bright LightsPlacebo – Bright Lights

Don’t you just love the power of ITunes where you pop your CD in and it magically knows what the name of the band is and what the track is, it’s a very cleaver piece of technology but sometimes they get it wrong such as when I put the new Placebo single ‘Bright Lights’ in and it tried telling me that the CD was ‘Korn’ by Korn, this made me chuckle for a few seconds, anyway back to the actual CD I put in.

‘Bright Lights’ is the latest single from Placebo and it is due for release of the 8th February, the song is taken from Placebo’s latest album ‘Battle For The Sun’, the song starts off with a simple set of drum beats, with synthesizers coming in moments later with Molko’s beautiful vocals coming in soon after that, the song is a slow paced yet catchy number, it’s very mainstream and radio friendly sounding for Placebo and is another perfect example of how good the album ‘Battle For The Sun’ is.

Overall ‘Bright Lights’ is a great song, it might confuse the diehard fan’s slightly as the song is very different from your usual Placebo material but its upbeat, fun and Placebo at their best.


Review by Trigger
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Brian Molko
Stefan Olsdal
Steve Forrest
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1. Bright Lights
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