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Young Guns - Winter KissYoung Guns – Winter Kiss

Young Guns are a band that we have been following closely throughout 2009 both in the live circuit and on record with the reviews of their ‘In The Night’ single and ‘Mirrors’ EP, the bands relentless touring and sterling releases has helped Young Guns tour with the likes of Lostprophets, Taking Back Sunday, Fightstar as well as appearances at Download and Sonisphere Festival and now they have been signed up as the opening band of the Kerrang! Relentless Energy Drink Tour which is going to help catapult the band into the big time.

To coincide with Young Guns stint on the Kerrang tour they are releasing their brand new single ‘Winter Kiss’ as a free download on the 25th January to thank everyone for their support and also to please all the new fans they gain during the Kerrang Tour shows.

‘Winter Kiss’ is a dark yet melodic sounding song that deals with the idea of feeling isolated, even if you may not actually be alone, the song is solid sounding and once again features some tip top production, instrumentally it has a bit of an Elliot Minor feel only in the way that the band have added a piano and a few string instruments into the mix but everything is played just that little bit more heavier than what Elliot Minor do, front man Gustav Wood’s vocals come across thick and strong in a melodic way which will see a sea of fans singing along.

2010 is going to be an very important year for Young Guns, they have been going from strength to strength since they formed, they have played some exciting shows and released some great material but 2010 see’s them take part in the Kerrang Tour as well as release another EP and these are two big moments in Young Guns career which they must put 110% into.


Review by Thom
 Band Members

Gustav (Vocals
John (Guitar)
Fraser (Guitar)
Simon (Bass)
Ben (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Winter Kiss
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