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Exoterik  - Butterfly In Your HandExoterik - Butterfly In Your Hand

It’s quite rare these days to find female fronted rock bands, I can pretty much count on both of my hands how many female fronted rock bands have made the mainstream and that would include Nightwish, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Flyleaf and a few more low key style bands such as The Vincent Black Shadows and the very new Lucidfly and now we have Exoterik to add to that list, ok they might not be a mainstream band at the moment but there sound is powerful and they have the potential to raise out into the mainstream scene.

Exoterik are a four piece band from Leeds in the UK and they are made up of Tom Fay on guitar, Darren Townes on bass, Steve Riley on drums and Anneka Latta on vocals and keyboards, they released their debut album ‘Don’t Swollow’ back in 2008 and they have no just released their second album ‘Butterfly In Your Hand’.

The whole of ‘Butterfly In Your Hand’ is upbeat with powerful fast flowing catchy vocals to pull you in and chunky guitar riffs to add that extra bit of meaty power to the mix, the songs are full of groove and with the mix of catchy vocals and chunky instrumental work being very pleasing on the ear.

The opening track ‘Reason To Live’ pulls you in straight away with its fast paced keyboard style introduction which see’s Anneka Latta’s beautiful and melodic vocals coming in seconds later, the song like most songs on the album has a slight dark gothic feel to it.

‘No Happy Ending’ follows on nicely from the opening track with its fast flowing melodic vocals, once again the instrumental work in executed with pure talent and energy. ‘Scream To Be Heard’ starts off with a softly spoken piece with minimum soundscapes, the guitars come in a few seconds later taking the song to another level. ‘Pressure’ is the token slow track on the album and it is all about listening to Anneka Latta shine with her melodic brand of vocals.

‘Start Again (Part One) and ‘Start Again (Part Two)’ are interesting songs, the first is more of a short introduction with its short running of 43 seconds and overall mellow feel, whilst ‘(Part Two) the guitars charge up from the start packing a bit chunky punch, everything about the song is spot on from the passionate vocals to the energetic instrumental work.

‘Uninvited’ is another song which really needs to be checked out as it is so different from any of the other tracks on the album.

I cannot find a fault within the music on ‘Butterfly In Your Hand’ everything about it is so listenable and they have the potential to take on the heavy weight bands in the same scene such as Evanescence and Within Temptation and I bet they are even more of a pleasure to see live than they are to listen to on CD.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Exoterik - Band
Anneka Latta (Vocals, Keyboards)
Tom Fay (Guitars)
Darren Townes (Bass)
Steve Riley (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Reason To Live
2. No Happy Ending
3. Scream To Be Heard
4. Pressure
5. Breakdown
6. Start Again (part one)
7. Start Again
8. Reason In Ruins
9. Uninvited
10. Butterfly In Your Hand

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