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Pure Soundart - Bye Bye BeautyPure Soundart – Bye Bye Beauty

When I first put the album on and '‘Hello, You Are Beautiful’ was playing I thought Pure Soundart sounded like a poor man’s Brand New but after being patient and listening to the whole album I realised they are majorly influenced by the likes of Brand New and also You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and are far from being a poor man’s version of either band as ‘Bye Bye Beauty’ is simply a masterpiece.

‘Bye Bye Beauty’ is a 12 track progressive rock album which is full of every emotion imaginable and various different soundscapes, one minute the songs may seem depressing and the next they explode into a bundle of anger and that is what makes listening to ‘Bye Bye Beauty’ so pleasing.

The album opens with ‘Hello, You Are Beautiful’, like mentioned above it starts off sounding like a classic Brand New track taken from there ‘The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me’ album with the way that it starts off real mellow with minimum soundscapes and then suddenly explodes into a bundle of loud, fast and exciting noise which shows just how eerie yet beautiful the songs of Pure Soundart can be.

Pretty much every song on the album runs on the same formula of starting off real chilled out and then exploding into madness when you least expect it and staying big and loud until the song fades out ‘Haunting Roulette’ and ‘Life Is a Crime Scene’ are perfect examples of this formula and proof that the formula works well as both songs are classics.

It’s hard to find new bands these days who play music which is full of every emotion in the book where each and every song comes across in an unpredictable yet pleasing way, bands like Brand New and Manchester Orchestra are currently at the top of the league with this style of music and Pure Soundart are the first new band on the horizon in ages who are here to challenge these bands.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Pure Soundart - Band
Dominique Marcel
 Track Listing

1. Hello, You Are Beautiful
2. Hunting Roulette
3. Life Is A Crime Scene
4. The Ghost
5. A Day Of Fire
6. 71199
7. Gone
8. Random Call (Goodbye, You Were Beautiful)
9. Cabaret Voltaire
10. Mr Death
11. Hello Goodbye
12. Rest Now, Weary Head

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