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NOFX - Cokie The ClownNOFX – Cokie The Clown

NOFX released their eleventh studio album ‘Coaster’ back in April 2009, the album was a big return to form and a powerful poppy-punk album, when creating the album NOFX recorded a few extra tracks which they claim to be the best tracks they recorded from the ‘coaster’ sessions but instead of bundling the tracks on the album or featuring them as b-sides to their singles they have decided to put out a brand new 5 track EP called ‘Cokie The Clown’.

Putting out EP’s shortly before or after album releases is something that NOFX are well known for and to be fair to them it does seem that they have saved some of the best tracks for ‘Cokie The Clown’ because it is an big upbeat EP which features all the fun of the circus and more, in fact the EP is so fast that it is over just after ten minutes.

The EP opens with the title track ‘Cokie The Clown’, the introduction to the song features the classic circus music that every knows, try’s to hate but actually loves, the song itself is fast paced and has all the elements of an NOFX classic with its fast paced guitar riffs and Fat Mike singing about being a drug addicted clown who brings everyone down with him.

‘Straight Outta Massachusetts’ follows on quickly from the opening track, and is a quick fun blast which lasts for just over 1 minute, the song is about moving from Massachusetts to California and is a real bouncy number featuring some great basslines.

It wouldn’t be a NOFX releases without a political song and that is why ‘Fermented And Flailing’ is included on the EP it is a anthemic political song with well written lyrics and, and fast paced instrumental work.

Fat Mike closes the EP with an acoustic version of ‘My Orphan Year’ the song is about losing both parents and it feels stripped down serious and quite emotional, a side from Fat Mike and NOFX you hardly ever see as they spend too much time having a ball.

I somehow feel the release of ‘Cokie The Clown’ is irrelevant as the song’s could of easily been featured on the last NOFX album which was released just over 6 months ago, so it does come across as a slight cash in but you can’t hide the fact that the EP is crammed full of great songs that are going to become NOFX classics.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
NOFX - Band
Fat Mike (Vocals & Bass)
El Hefe (Guitar & Vocals
Eric Melvin (Guitar)"
Erik Sandin (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Cokie The Clown
2. Straight Outta Massachusetts
3. Fermented And Flailing
4. Codependence Day
5. My Orphan Year (Acoustic)
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